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True North is a new and upcoming security company that specializes in Event and Bar security. True North guards are better trained and better paid. We have pulled from all walks of life to create a diverse roster of guards with unique skill sets and training to ensure you, the client, gets a team suited for your needs. In the current time and day there is a need for licensed and trained guards to conduct searches at doors, check Ids/passes and provide an overall higher level of security to ensure the safety of patrons, staff, and the venue, all while maintaining a heightened level of enjoyment for all. True North Executive Security takes a proactive approach to dealing with issues, to avoid potential problems escalating. Every attempt will be made to resolve any issues peacefully. This means using verbal techniques to gain compliance without going hands on, however if a situation should go beyond words, our superior training and experience will ensure all escalated incidents are resolved safely and efficiently. 

What type of security do you need?

Event Security

True North Security - Calgary Security - Event Security - Country Thunder Security

Licensed Security Agents for concerts, sporting events, festivals and more 

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Loss Prevention

True North Security - Calgary Security - Event Security - Loss Prevention

Plain clothes theft prevention 

Executive Protection

True North Security - Calgary Security - Event Security - Executive Protection

Bodyguards for high profile clientele  

Why Our Agents are Superior

True North Security - Calgary Security - Event Security - Calgary Flames Security


Training is an essential part of True North’s Philosophy. The basic requirements needed to be a True North guard is a higher standard then most competitors final level of training. Guards will then undergo ongoing additional training throughout their employment, both online, and in a classroom setting. While some of the training will only come into effect in an emergency situation, the knowledge and experience will ensure guards keep a calm and collected demeanor when dealing with stressful situations. A detailed outline of True North’s Training program is below.     

True North Security - Calgary Security - Event Security - Country Thunder Security


Before any True North guards work their first shift, they must have all of the following 4 certificates:  
- Security Licence- Pro-tect - Pro-serve - Basic Emergency Management

In addition to the above 4 certificates, before guards can start working for True North Executive Security they must further their studies by specializing in the medical field or the security field by having one or more of the following certificates:   
- First aid and CPR level C - Certified EMR/EMR - PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics) - CCTS (Control Tactics Survival Skills) 

True North Security - Calgary Security - Event Security - Country Thunder Security


 All throughout a True North Agent’s employment they will be given opportunities to continue their learning. They are progressively given access to various lessons as they advance. List below are just some of the training opportunities provided in house or in conjunction with the Alberta government.   
 - Crowd Safety - Drugs in the event industry - Communications - Working Around a Stage - Basic Emergency Management - Exercise Design 100 - Incident Command 100 - WHMIS 2015

These high standard of training ensure that clients receive competent, experienced, and knowledgeable guards. By having guards specialize in various training disciplines we are able to provide guards that are specifically suited to the client’s particular needs.   

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Concerts, Festivals, and Sporting Events!

Do you want to expand your skills set and learn new techniques? Do you want to experience the other side of events and have an opportunity to work at major sporting events, outdoor music festivals, and special events around the city? If so, a position at True North Executive Security may be for you! Earn an industry-leading wage and receive training unique to the events industry by applying.
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True North Executive Security

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